Prayer and Meditation Therapy

Prayer of meditative therapy

As the inner workings unfold, the whole person is impacted. The inner source (the divine spirit) deals with mind, body, and spirit adjustments that may need attention. There is a part of us that seems to know everything about us and knows what to do to allow us to go beyond our present state of being, to transform our whole self mentally, physically and spiritually. Because the inner source (divine spirit) will work automatically to help us reach our full potential in spite of what we call it or where it comes from. To begin simply lie down, close your eyes, and began watching and describing out loud any type of experience that takes place. Focus on bodily reactions. Now focus on visual images. Now focus on the different thoughts as they pass by. Allow the inner source to take over. The inner source will begin this therapeutic session without your permission once the eyes are closed, and it will also finish on its own. A variety of responses can take place including taste, smells, floating sensations, seeing colors and patterns, singing or music, happiness, warmth, anxiety, fear, depression, unwanted thoughts unwanted memories. It can be dramatic even frightening but being patient and allowing the inner source to work, you will experience wide range of positive outcomes. Believe the inner source (divine spirit) knows you and will give you all the goodness and healing that you need including but not limited to; resolution from childhood conflicts, regulation of sleeping patterns, increased ability to relax , lessening of tension and anxiety, reduction of ritual fear responses, greater self-confidence, decreased physical pain, alignment with your spiritual source, increase tendencies towards inner direction, more satisfying interpersonal relationships   

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